Elementary school children with insturments work with seniors music therapy group Music therapist Yoying Orosa coaches 3 generations of participants in school demonstration Seniors sing and play insturments in music therapy group from Vancouver long term care faciltiy

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"Music therapists work with children and adults of all ages" quote

Seniors group with 2 music therapists perform for young elementary school children in Vancouver

The following definition is the work of L.Blunt cited in the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians

"The use of the elements of sound and music within a developing relationship between patient and therapist to bring about improvements in physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  It is both an art and a science.  The power of music as a healing force to alleviate illness and distress has been used extensively in many cultures, but it was only during the second half of the 20th century that music therapy evolved as a specific discipline and paramedical profession.  Increasingly recognized by governmental bodies, music therapy is now state registered in the UK as a profession supplementary to medicine.

Music therapists work with children and adults of all ages [emphasis added].  Spontaneous emotional, as well as learnt, responses to music are seemingly stored at a very deep level within the brain.  Even patients with diffuse brain damage appear able to respond to it, for example by singing melodic fragments with clear rhythm and intonation.  The communicative potential of music can bypass speech for children and adults with severe language and emotional problems. Instruments can become indirect means of communication for autistic children. The use of rhythm as a structural organizer and energizer is effective in helping people with physical disabilities to gain control and organization in their movements.  The depressed or anxious person can use music to release tension, to gain access to and express a wide range of emotions, and to boost self-esteem.  The terminally ill adult can both listen to music to decrease levels of tension and play instruments to increase levels of energy and sense of control.

The rest of L. Blunt's definition of music therapy can be seen by clicking here!

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[Above cited from pp.819-820 -
The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Second Edition.  Edited by Stanley Sadie, Executive Editor John Tyrrell Vol. 17, Macmillan Publishers Ltd. 2001,2002.
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N.B. the inclusion of L.Blunt's definition of music therapy above in no way implies their endorsement of this web site nor does it imply the publishers of the dictionary endorses this web site.  However the definition is a very good introduction to the field of music therapy, as practiced by many of the music therapists mentioned on this web site.
- Y. Orosa, music therapy consultant for OnWellness.info 040522

Music Therapy Consultants and Music Therapists in Private Practice

Social Work & Music TherapyGuided Imagery & Music TherapyVictoria Music Therapist

Vancouver Music Therapists in Private Practice

Yoying holds microphone for a resident announcing music therapy program events
  • Ms. Yoying Orosa, B.Soc.Sc. in Social Work (Dublin), M.T., R.S.W., Graduate course work in Business Administration
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    • Client settings include:  Seniors Residential Care / Palliative Care / Adult Day Care / Head Injury Clients
    • Practitioner since 1984 in Vancouver
    • Served as one of first two music therapists in the Office of the Public Trustee Quality of Life Assurance Project 1986-89 with Future Care Inc. [this project included private and public long term care facilities throughout Greater Vancouver and Greater Victoria and included a a team of psychologists, medical social workers, psychiatrists, family doctors and ministers all working closely with long term care case workers and nurse-clinicians]
    • Primary Instruments:  Guitar and Voice
    • Secondary Instrument:  Piano
    • Other activities include work with the late, conductor David Todhunter in establishing the London Charity Orchestra s/a www.londoncharityorchestra.co.uk
      Yoying was the founding Chief Executive-Administrator of the Orchestra, which today numbers 200 professional musicians, music students and skilled amateurs, who provide an amazing number of charity performances each year in London, UK.
    • During the 1990s, Yoying worked as a Seniors Home Care Program Manager in London, this included program and budget development and managing supervisors responsible for hundreds of direct client-service staff and ongoing volunteer programs
    • Yoying has also served for some years as a Music Therapy practicum supervisor for Capilano College as well as well as in 2001-2002 was at Kwantlen College, responsible for: instruction on Introduction to Aging and supervision of Gerontology Based Recreation Programme practicum students and as an experienced geriatric services social worker, has been a lecturer, instructor and workshop presenter in both the social service and music therapy fields
    • Yoying has a dual background as a practitioner in music therapy and social work -- combine this with extensive experience in hand's on program development and ongoing managing of paid and volunteer staff in the home care services in London England (1990s) and Vancouver (in the 1980s and 2000... she serves her individual and organizational clients with keen insights and skill.


Vancouver Music Therapist, Counseller and Guided Imagery & Music Trainer

  • Liz Moffitt, M.A.Music Therapist, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Primary Trainer, The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music.
    • Liz has been a music therapist and instructor of music therapy at Capilano College for over 25 years. She also combines counselling with music therapy, particularly Guided Imagery and Music, in her private practice.
    • What is Guided Imagery and Music (GIM)?
      We are all well aware that imagery is being used in our culture these days, for example, to maintain the immune system, or to enhance performance in sports, to name two examples.  GIM is a method that uses intentional listening to music in a relaxed state to promote images from within each person. These images can inform us of many things to do with our physical and mental health, and our relationships, and can stimlate our natural creativity.If you would like more information about this work please contact Liz at email Liz Moffitt

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Victoria Music Therapist in Private Practice

Maudie tries out one of the pianos at a seniors assisted living residence in Victoria, BC where she specializes in work with the alzheimers-dementia special care unit
  • Ms. Maudie van Klaveren, ARCT in piano performance 1978, MT, BMT(tbc 2004)
    Victoria, BC, Canada
    • Client settings include:  Palliative Care / Adult Day Care / Alzheimer-Dementia Programs / Seniors Residences / Psycho-Geriatric Hospitals
    • Practitioner since 1984 in Vancouver and Victoria BC
    • Full time music therapist in Valley View Hospital 1985-1988 (the lower mainland of BC's psychiatric hospital for geriatric patients (part of what historically was also known as the Riverview Hospital / Crease Clinic Complex)
    • Primary Instruments:  Piano and Voice
    • Secondary Instrument:  Guitar
    • As an accomplished piano instructor (note Royal Conservatory Toronto 1978 ARCT in piano performance) a seasoned musician-entertainer and music therapist, Maudie still enjoys taking on some private piano students helping cultivate "tommorows music"
    • Email: OnWellness Music Therapy Services

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Other Information Resources

Music Therapy Training Programs University & College Courses

  • Canada, Vancouver, BC - Capilano College www.capcollege.bc.ca/programs/music_therapy offers course work towards B.M.T., Bachelor of Music Therapy degree, which is granted through the BC Open University
    • [quote from college web page 04.06.12] "The Music Therapy program at Capilano offers the third and fourth years leading to the Bachelor of Music Therapy granted by the Open University. This degree program is designed so that students may enter third year with a variety of backgrounds: music, general arts, education, or nursing etc. All four years may be completed at Capilano College.

      This program provides students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and develop competencies in such areas as music therapy and practice; clinical disorders; assessment, planning and intervention; improvisation and music of many eras and cultures; interpersonal skills and group dynamics; basic research, and documentation."
  • Canada, Waterloo, Ontario - Wilfrid Laurier University www.wlu.ca/~wwwmusic/honbac.html Honours Bachelor of Music Therapy degree
    • [quote fr. site 04.06.12] " Registered for the first two years in the Honours B.Mus. program, students make formal application to Music Therapy at the end of second year. Admission to third-year Music Therapy is limited and is based on grades in Music and Psychology, personal interview, and recommendation of the Music Therapy faculty."
  • Australia Victoria education-careers site

Professional Organizations & Associations

Music Therapy Publications

  • The Australian Journal of Music Therapy (AJMT) Volume 14
  • Articles
  • News

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