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What is Therapeutic Recreation?  What is meaningful leisure?

We all deserve a high quality of life!  Meaningful leisure involvement must be experienced if we are to achieve the quality of life we deserve.  Leisure involvement often leads to increased self esteem, self worth, recognition, friendships, enjoyment, sense of belonging, improved physical health, and/or independence, all of which enhance the quality of life and contribute to a meaningful, healthy lifestyle.  Unfortunately, the limitations associated with an illness or disability often inhibits, and may even prohibit an individual from involvement in leisure.  Without the experience of meaningful leisure, individuals cannot achieve the quality life they deserve.

Therapeutic Recreation is a professional field of service established to facilitate the development and or expression of meaningful leisure involvement for older persons or those with illness or disability.  "Therapeutic Recreation is a purposeful intervention that uses recreation to bring about health restoration and has the potential to enhance health or produce high-level wellness." (quote from David Austin, Professor and Graduate Coordinator of Therapeutic Recreation at Indiana University, USA).

Therapeutic recreation specialists provide recreation to meet the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social needs of people they serve.  Connecting with a therapeutic recreation specialist not only increases awareness of the endless recreation possibilities available but also bridges the gap between successful community integration and the person with a disability.

Any person can benefit from therapeutic recreation services.  Regardless of disability or ability, therapeutic recreation assists and empowers all people to maintain or achieve a quality of leisure lifestyle that facilitates personal independence, well being and health.

The above introduction to the field of therapeutic recreation was submitted by
Cindy Bouvet, Dip. T.R., B.A.. [ M.Ed candidate in Adult Education Candidate 2004- ] Therapeutic Recreation Consultant
Instructor in the Therapeutic Recreation Program
Douglas College, David Lam Campus
New Westminster, B.C.

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- Y. Orosa, social work & music therapy consultant for 2004.05.28

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  • Elementary school children participate in a demonstration of music therapy activities by Vancouver long term care facility, directed by Y.Orosa, R.S.W., MT.
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