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The good, bad and ugly - about consumer health and wellness protection

Editorial Comments:  As consumers of a wide range of wellness / therapeutic goods and services, we are obliged to exercise due diligence.  Resources to help make health care-enhancement choices range from:

  • web-internet special libraries
  • your local public or academic library and bookstore
  • trusted people i.e.. friends, relatives, work mates
  • referrals from trust-worthy service providers/professionals;
  • special interest consumer advocacy and protection associations-organizations
  • special interest professional standards certification-monitoring organizations
  • etc.

Sometimes "things don't work out" and the consumer has spent time and money for some service or product that has either not been effective or in a worse case scenario, caused significant physical-mental pain and suffering.  What do you do now? The press regularly features news stories of situations where consumers have had to either "move on with their lives" and/or sought to mitigate the damages from a poor product or inappropriate treatment through consulting legal counsel. This has led to some very high profile class action law suits over recent years in Canada, and a longer history of product liability and medical/professional negligence litigation in other countries e.g. the USA.

In the rather unhappy situation where you may be forced to seek legal counsel in Canada how do you choose a lawyer or law firm?  We have seen the explosion of advertising by lawyers e.g. in the telephone "Yellow Pages" "Super Pages" over the past 7 years here in Vancouver, how do you choose a firm to get some basic information about your rights e.g. under Health Law, legislation, or under personal injury law? These are some of the issues we will discuss in this section.

We will be sharing information from various Canadian legal experts / lawyers on various issues including: health law; insurance law; personal injury law; wills and trusts law etc. on this web site e.g. class action lawyer and co-counsel involved in the Canada's tainted blood scandal and trials.

N.B. the mention of different web sites above in no way implies their endorsement of this web site -- nor does it imply the publishers of this web site formally supporting the sites mentioned above.
- Y.Orosa, social work & music therapy consultant for 040522

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    see also class action lawyer profile on Bruce Lemer for information e.g. about lawyers involved Canada's largest class action claim to date [2004] - with the landmark tainted blood-blood products class action law suit dating back to the late 1980s.
  • see also International Digest of Health Legislation website mentioned below.

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The provenance of the photos on this page include:

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